Shirley Thompson

North Shore Update

Another Trip to the DMV

Well, yesterday I finally was able to get my driver’s license; well almost anyway.  I took my marriage license in and the guy looks at, sees the official seal, and then says; “I don’t see here where it says you will be Shirley Thompson.  I couldn’t believe it.  I looked at him and said, “look, you asked for the official marriage license, if you notice the date it is the 15th of September, 1977.  We were married on the 24th of September so, I was still “Barnes” until the 24th of September.  You didn’t ask for the church papers, you said you wanted the marriage license and that IS THE MARRIAGE LICENSE.”  He looked back at me and said, “this should be okay.”  I handed him my passport and said, “here, this says Shirley Thompson, will this work instead of the birth certificate?”  He replied, “No, because I already saw the birth certificate but I’ll except the marriage license.”  He gave me the appropriate paper work and told me to head to the DVM. 

I arrived at the DMV and told them I wanted a driver’s license and license plates.  I handed her my insurance information, the vehicle registration, and all my papers for my driver’s license.   She asked me for the title to the vehicle.  I told her that it is a lease vehicle and that the registration was all I ever needed in Wisconsin.  She said that I would need a Power of Attorney from GMAC that it is okay for me to sign for plates since they have the title.  “You’ve got to be kidding,” I said.  “You never mentioned that when I was in here two weeks ago,” I added.  She replied that she hadn’t inquired about the vehicle being leased at that time.  She did allow me to take the eye test and get my picture taken.  I then filled out another form for the license and voter’s registration.  She took my Wisconsin driver’s license and punched a hole in it.  She gave it back to me and copies of the filled out paper work, took my picture, and then told me I should receive the license in a couple of weeks by mail.  “Of course,” she added, “Minnesota has been behind and it has taken a couple of months lately.”  I looked at her and replied, “why am I not surprised?”  I asked about handicap plates.  She handed me another form that a doctor has to fill out.  “How about I take you outside and you look at the contraption I have attached to the back of my vehicle that hauls a very large electric wheelchair around,” I said, “would you then believe my husband is 100% disabled?”  She laughed and said, “no, we still need a doctor to fill out that form.  You will then get a hanging sign that you will hang on your rear view mirror when you park.  After six years you can then get actual plates.”  I couldn’t believe this one.  “Do you think that there will be divine intervention within the next six years and my husband will be miraculously cured of MS?”  I asked.  She actually laughed and said that she knew it was very different from Wisconsin but it does take six years to get plates.  “Oh,” she added, “be sure you carry those papers in your glove compartment so that if you get pulled over they will know you have applied for your license.”  I then asked her, “If I show those papers can I vote too?”  “No,” she replied, “You have to wait for your voter registration card to come in the mail.”  All I could think of was that it was lucky it wasn’t a presidential election year. I left and came home.

When I got home I called the dealership in Eau Claire and they gave me a number to call GMAC to get the power of attorney. They assured me that they would be familiar with what I needed.  I wasn’t counting on that being the case but called the number and found that they did, indeed, know exactly what I needed and are sending it. 

After all of this, I’m not sure I want to be legal in the state of Minnesota