Shirley Thompson

North Shore Update

War Declared on MN DMV by Local North Shore Resident

You heard it here first.  I've just delcared war on the MN DMV.  Why?  They screw handicap people that's why.

Today I paid $3,985.67 in taxes for a mobility van.  I didn't mind paying taxes on the vehicle itself; what I object to is having to pay taxes on the adaptive equipment that had to be installed.  It is a mobility van, a van to help carry someone in a big electric wheelchair.  Someone who can not and never will walk again.  We had to have the van.  The transport company that the VA contracts with refuses to transport Richard during the winter months.  He had missed some very important doctor's appointments.  We also had to have a vehicle suited for the area. What that means is a vehicle that can plow through snow; lots of snow.

I went into the DMV today to transfer my title, plates, and pay the taxes since the van had been purchased in Ohio and transported here.  The lady looked at me in glee and said "Boy I could live off what you will pay in taxes."  She proceeded to put the full purchase price down for the van AFTER the conversion.  I asked her why she had to put that price down, this is a mobility van, you shouldn't tax us for the adaptive equipment in it.  She had no mercy.  She also charged me $395.00 for plates.  I took exception to that.

"Now wait a minute," I said, "the plates I currently have are just fine I've hardly used them.  You are charging me for new plates and I haven't used up the time on my current plates.  The least you could do is charge me half that amount."

"Each vehicle gets a plate," she replied, "that's the law in Minnesota, different vehicle; different plates."

"I should move back to Wisconsin," I replied.

"Most people do," she answered.

"I can see why," I replied.

I watched as she added more figures and by now had a calculator tape that was longer than the office we were in.

"Why are you charging me $10.00 transfer fee," I asked.  "You aren't tranferring anything."

"That is to transfer your title."  she answered

"I thought that was covered under the $5.00 transfer fee."  I replied

She ignored me.

"Why am I paying $3.50 state patrol vehicle fee?" I asked. "Do you mean I have to pay them to pull me over? Look, you are also charging me $8.50 for State/Deputy filing fee, $2.00 for lien fee, and another $2.00 for late transfer penalty.  How the heck can it be a late charge when I just got the vehicle. Why am I paying another $4.25 for the plates when you just charged me $395.00 for the registgration?"

"That is our fee and you have to pay it," she replied.  " We do waive the $5.00 for the handicap parking fee."

"That's big of you," I said, "that's good because when I leave here I'll be filing for bankruptcy."

I left the office before my temper totally left me and I hauled her you know what over that counter and beat the you know what out of her.

All totaled I payed $4,414.92 to make the van legal in Wisconsin.

I wrote my congressman, I emailed the department of revenue, I called the MS society, I called the handicap society in Minnesota.  I even emailed the taypayer advocate, twice.

I got home and gave Rich the bad news.  I handed him the mail I had picked up and I noticed something.

To add insult to injury, we received our property tax bill today.  Our conversation went as follows:

Shirley:  Rich, I think that is the property tax bill that the assessor was out here for a couple of months ago. 

 Rich:  Yep, I think it is.

 Shirley:  Before you open it I need to purchase a big gun before we head to Minneapolis this weekend.

 Rich: What the heck do you want with a gun?

 Shirley:  Once you open that bill I just know I’m going to become “Temporarily Insane.”  I wonder how many days it takes to purchase a gun now with all the background checks and stuff.  I may have to wait until I pick you up in Minneapolis.

 Rich:  I repeat, what the heck do you want with a gun?

 Shirley:  I think it should be fully automatic in case I miss the first time.  I want the gun so I can have a discussion with the legislators in Minneapolis.”

 Rich:  You can’t just walk in there with a gun.  They have metal detectors now. 

 Shirley:  That is why I’ll need an automatic weapon that fires repeatedly.  I’ll need to storm the place.

 Rich:  Maybe I should just open the bill and see what the bad news is before you go “insane.”

 Shirley:  We should legally change our name to Murphy.  I need to change my first name to Job.  Job Murphy, how does that sound?

 Richard, in the meantime, has opened the offending bill.

 Rich:  You are not going to believe this.

 Shirley:  I knew it, perhaps a bazooka would be better, or a rocket launcher.

 Rich:  Do you want to know what our property tax bill is or not?

Shirley:  I just want to be prepared that’s all.  (I take a big breath and let it out)  Okay, I’m ready.

Rich:  We owe the state of Minnesota $68.00.

 Shirley:  See, I knew it……..What did you say?

Rich:  I said, we owe the state of Minnesota $68.00.

 Shirley:  Okay, I’ll purchase a squirt gun but I still want to have a talk with those legislators.